Meet the Female Founder of a Black-Owned Tax Firm That Grossed $1.5M in Three Months

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Dr. Shawanda S. Moore, also known as The Tax Doctor, is the founder and CEO of Royal Financial Services, where she has diligently worked and coached her team to their most successful year. She says that she is very proud of their accomplishments but is not surprised. After experiencing the loss of her business partner and son, Shaun, she pulled herself together by implementing new strategies, procedures, and policies to reflect growth in the company. She says that she also used the daily motivation and encouragement that her son gave her.

Dr. Moore has also coached her software partners to grow their tax businesses this year. More than 10 of her tax software partners have grossed twice the amount from the previous year around this same time. She is proud of her accomplishments and is prepared to continue coaching her team and partners to become more successful each year.

She is profoundly rooted and passionate about financial services, including Individual Tax Preparation, Business Tax Preparation, Business Coaching, Growth Analysis and Strategies for finances, Financial Literacy, and more. She is the author of “Introduction to Tax Preparation”, “The Tax Doctor Saves Christmas”, “Budgeting and Saving with the Tax Doctor”, “Starting a Business with the Tax Doctor”, and “Small Business Records.”

In addition, Dr. Moore sells her own software to those joining the tax industry including direct coaching and training. She is currently accepting new software partners interested in starting their own businesses. All of the products and services mentioned above are available to all individuals across the United States.

She says that 30% of the proceeds from the book sales would go toward the scholarship fund of Royal Financial Services to assist high school students in transitioning to college or starting their own businesses. Royal Financial Services began this scholarship in 2021 and was able to assist two students with purchasing books and supplies.Known for the community service, Dr. Moore provides in her city annually, such as Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Christmas Toys Giveaway with kid activities, Youth Seminars, Stop the Violence Rallies, and School Supplies/ Uniform Giveaways. Her heart is big; she is always ready to help others even when she sometimes can’t afford to help, and she makes sacrifices to help those in need.

She has also hosted several free youth and adult seminars on entrepreneurship before the pandemic. She desires to continue growing her tax company, Royal Financial Services, and her online tax company, Royal Tax Box, which allows individuals to prepare their own taxes. Her desired goals will assist her in becoming a positive influence for those individuals who wish to follow in her footsteps as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Moore is an author, speaker, business coach, and entrepreneur committed to community service to assist an increasing number of people in her community and beyond in the future.

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