Black-Owned Burger Vending Machine “RoboBurger” Raises Funds In A $10M Seed 2 Funding Round

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GoBlackOwn Editors

It looks like one of the most innovative fast-food brands is coming to a city near you thanks to a huge investment.

RoboBurger, the world’s first fully autonomous robotic burger chef in a box, reacently announced that it opened its Seed 2 round of funding in partnership with Promethean Investments LLP, a London, UK-based private equity firm London.

According to a news release, the Seed 2 funding round will allow RoboBurger Inc to grow and scale up production of its RoboBurger Mark 2 units to keep up with consumer demand.

“I started RoboBurger in my garage 17 years ago, and now there couldn’t be a better time to bring it to life and have everyone experience it,” Wilson said in a press release. “RoboBurger gives everyone freshly grilled, delicious burgers — while ensuring a safe, contactless experience. RoboBurger always comes out piping hot and is never pre-cooked and kept warm.”

The brand is one of the most unique in the convenience food space. With hte press of a button, the RoboBurger “vending machine” grills, toasts, adds condiments and assembles a fresh burger, in about 4 minutes. The company has garnered wide-spread attention, signaling the future of food.

“We have received an overwhelming amount of interest from around the world,” said Audley Wilson, the CEO of RoboBurger Inc. “This new round of funding will allow us to rapidly scale up and keep up with the incredible demand as we continue to roll out RoboBurger units across the US.”

The company launched its first pop-up location in March 2022 in Newport Mall in Jersey City.

“Since opening our first pop-up location, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that has helped us improve both the taste of our burgers and the time it takes to make them. Our newest units reflect these changes and customers can now get a hot, freshly grilled burger in about 4 minutes.” says Dan Braido, CTO of RoboBurger Inc.

The company aims to use the funding to expand into various locations across the country.

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